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Learn to play guitar with JamPlay.Com by Rado
I know how difficult it is for every beginning guitar player out there just trying by himself. However, you do not have to struggle on your own - I would like to recommend you a website, where teachers are dedicated to teaching you -JamPlay... read more
since 2007-07-01 read 97103 times and discussed 621 times
Submitting system at by Rado
This article will guide you through the simple tablatures submission system at and how to have fun with sharing with others.... read more
since 2007-03-05 read 30651 times and discussed 30 times
Express Yourself! by Tom Hess
I believe "Self Expression" is the pinnacle of all art. Anything less, ?is less? in my opinion. I?m not going to debate that view or try to persuade any of you to also believe it. Instead I am going to assume you already hold that view and... read more
since 2006-01-25 read 27485 times and discussed 329 times
Sweep picking by Alex
Well, today we will go further on the ?Sweep picking?. The trick learning the correct way to do/develop the sweepin? lies in your fingers. You see, once you learn how to place the fingers on each sweep pattern (major or minor) you?ll find y... read more
since 2005-10-28 read 42052 times and discussed 169 times
Justin King the Guitar Master 2 by Rado
I was suprised how many people were interested in the "Awesome guitar strumming shot". Remember, the guy playing a guitar in incredible way? We were looking for any hint of getting the guys name. Andrew contributed to the discussion to that... read more
since 2005-10-25 read 30673 times and discussed 29 times
Understandig the modes of the scales by Alex
Well, today we will talk about one of the most useful tools that we, as guitarists could have letting aside our imagination, ear sense and creativity. It?s about the modes of the scales. What a headache! As you all may know, we have 14 scal... read more
since 2005-09-21 read 32623 times and discussed 25 times
Building up some speed by Alex
updated September 21st 2005 - excercises added
Well, as you all may know, adding some speed to your songs (if you write), or just getting even to the speed of light, is just, simply: Excruciating, Hard, Painful, among o...
read more
since 2005-09-14 read 52573 times and discussed 29 times
Awesome guitar strumming shot - Justin King by Rado
updated October 25th 2005 - tab added
I have just received a cool video - a man playing a piece of music - but i was really amazed by his incredible strumming... I almost dropped my jaw. I have just uploaded it for you...
read more
since 2005-06-13 read 35868 times and discussed 210 times
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