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Hey, these are the newest tabs. All of them have passed through approval system and now are available for your download. You can also add our RSS feed with latest added Guitar Pro tablatures. Please click here to add this feed. Enjoy as much as we do! By the way, this is a new feature, sending us your feedback would be appreciated.

2015-02-22Jazz Standards - Blue Skies (swing)
gpx by 61rockeur
2015-01-30Donovan - The Pebble And The Man
gpx by Johnskillcorn
2015-01-30TV & Movie Themes - Theme To Wallander (Nostalgia)
gpx by Johnskillcorn
2015-01-30Donovan - Maharishi
gpx by Johnskillcorn
2015-01-07AC-DC - Who Made Who
gpx by Peace-Dog1970
2015-01-07AC-DC - Ballbreaker
gpx by Peace-Dog1970
2015-01-07AC-DC - Black Ice
gpx by Peace-Dog1970
2015-01-04Vassiliu, Pierre - Amour AmitiƩ
gpx by Antineus
2014-12-31AC-DC - Dirty Deeds
gpx by Peace-Dog1970
2014-12-11Kinks (The) - You Really Got Me (2 + updated bass)
gpx by ajfax
2014-12-11Deep Purple - Black Night (2 + fixed bass)
gpx by ajfax
2014-12-01Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way
gp4 by erico
2014-11-18Judas Priest - Grinder
gpx by Peace-Dog1970
2014-11-18Judas Priest - Electric Eye
gpx by Peace-Dog1970
2014-11-16Slayer - Raining Blood
gpx by matto
2014-11-10B-52's (The) - Legal Tender
gp5 by cambe
2014-11-01Weezer - Put Me Back Together
gpx by ProTab
2014-10-11Montgomery, Wes - Nica's Dream
gp5 by renojazz
2014-10-07X-Caliber - Warriors Of The Night
gp5 by clive_burr
2014-10-02Cannibal Corpse - Kill Or Become
gp5 by Tuthur
2014-10-01Nepathya - Tal
gp3 by screwed
2014-09-25D.A.D. - Sleeping My Day Away
gp5 by emolzz99
2014-09-14Berry, Chuck - School Days
gp5 by 61rockeur
2014-09-02Everly Brothers (The) - Wake Up Little Susie
gp5 by 61rockeur
2014-08-28Abdication - Suffering
gp5 by Abdication
2014-08-28Abdication - Story Of Sage
gp5 by Abdication
2014-08-28Abdication - Revenge To Heaven
gp5 by Abdication
2014-08-28Abdication - Mystic
gp5 by Abdication
2014-08-28Abdication - Intro
gp5 by Abdication
2014-08-28Abdication - Heavens Fall
gp5 by Abdication
2014-08-28Abdication - Forged In Northen Sky
gp5 by Abdication
2014-08-28Abdication - Fools And Liars
gp5 by Abdication
2014-08-28Abdication - Eternal Freedom
gp5 by Abdication
2014-08-28Abdication - Death Wind
gp5 by Abdication
2014-08-28Abdication - Broken World
gp5 by Abdication
2014-08-28Abdication - Book Of The Dead
gp5 by Abdication
2014-08-25Cacho CastaƱa - La Reina De La Bailanta
gp5 by BrunoCampisi
2014-08-15Clapton, Eric - Snake Lake Blues
gp5 by 61rockeur
2014-08-03Frusciante, John - Songbird
gp5 by AnttiKangasniemi
2014-07-17Jazz Standards - How Insensative
gp5 by 61rockeur
2014-07-13Santana, Carlos - Jin-go-lo-ba
gp5 by 61rockeur
2014-06-29A Fine Frenzy - Example 02
gp5 by jos
2014-06-28Santana, Carlos - Smooth
gp5 by pinocchio
2014-06-22Berry, Chuck - Sweet Little Rock And Roller
gp5 by 61rockeur
2014-06-11Santana, Carlos - Aqua Marine
gp5 by 61rockeur
2014-06-03Sparks - Perfume
gp5 by macstanic
2014-05-30Jazz Standards - Misty (swing style )
gp5 by 61rockeur
2014-05-29Metallica - One
gp4 by altair2077
2014-05-23Kenney, Mo - Sucker
gpx by je.terris
2014-05-23Kenney, Mo - Carnivore
gpx by je.terris

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