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Building up some speed  BUILDING UP SOME SPEED

updated September 21st 2005 - excercises added

Hey Everyone Wazz up!? =P
This is a tip about buildin' up some speed.

Well, as you all may know, adding some speed to your songs (if you write), or just getting even to the speed of light, is just, simply: Excruciating, Hard, Painful, among other stuff...

And i have to say, it's maybe the only way to get the trick of it. Here's some tips that could help!

  • First of all, even if you don't like it, grab your classic/acoustic guitar and do some fingerin' !!!

  • Yes, and talking about fingering, these might help: 1234 1423 2314 2341 1324 and so on...Remember, each number represents a finger of the left hand, you have to do this ALL ALONG THE FRETBOARD AND SWITCHIN' STRINGS!!! everyday. (For better results do it on the classic (nylon) guitar, believe me, you'll gain a LOT of strength)

  • If you do so, you'll clearly find the difference, your fingers will just be stronger. At this point, you just need some speed.

  • Listen to the speed demons, namely: Jason Becker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Satriani, Steve Vai, Eddie Van halen and Michael Romeo.

  • The legato technique will certainly help. Hammer and pull. Take Satriani for example. And use your metronome!

  • Well, then goes various simple and absurd practicin'

  • Then we go to the Supreme Tech. The Sweep picking; It will really develop your understanding about the fretboard, about progressions, modes, scales, chords, fingerings, and a lot of weird stuff.

    Notice that sweeping is about taking a chord and play it, one note at a time, without producing unwanted noise. (The other strings).

    I really think that its pointless to publish "Exercises to improve your sweeping", because this tech is really infinite, there is just TOO MUCH to do with a sweep.

    If you really want to develop your speed and understanding about the fretboard, i seriously want you to SEARCH IN THIS SITE the GP4 tabs of JASON BECKER, or CACOPHONY.

    Then, grab on little zones of each song, and practice it. Of course, i urge u to take a look at minor and major progressions, augmented and diminished scales and modes. IT'S USEFUL!!!!!!!

    It's hard, seriously, but once u get the trick, you will have and incredible and amazing weapon, a tool, that you can use everywhere u want to, plus your fingers will just FLY on the fretboard.

    It takes patience and will above all. Take care n' good luck!


    Excercises for this article:
    Finger Freedom [gp4] written by Alex

    Written by Alex on 2005-09-14 and read 52196 times.

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