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Sweep picking  SWEEP PICKING

Hello Everyone!
Wazz up?! =P

Well, today we will go further on the ?Sweep picking?.

The trick learning the correct way to do/develop the sweepin? lies in your fingers. You see, once you learn how to place the fingers on each sweep pattern (major or minor) you?ll find yourself sweeping.

So, on the web I haven?t seen the ?how to place the fingers? yet.

That?s why I?ve written the series of exercises, showing you the most (maybe all) popular & useful patterns, major and minor, that u could find.

Note: turn on the gp4?s fretboard, and turn on the ?[note]+[measure]? I think is the second option. It?s on top of the fretboard image. And turn off the pentagram notation.

Let?s get started. Here?s the file u will use:
[GP4 4kB click here to download]

  • I?ve written the fingering for each arpeggio. Each number bellow the tab means the finger u?ve got to use in order to play the note.

  • Use the same fingering on the ?reverse? arpeggio. It?s like a mirror.

  • Note that I?ve put an ?accent? on the first exercises, well that accent means the root of the arpeggio/chord. So, if u wanna play some major or minor arpeggio, put that ?accent? on the root u wanna use.

  • You will find the roots on the first, second or third string. Basically.

  • I?ve used an stationary position (5th and 17th fret).

  • When doing arpeggios, one and only one note is played at a time.

  • When doing arpeggios, DO NOT PLACE YOUR FIRST FINGER LIKE A BAR (however there are some exceptions).

  • Well, as you will see, there are ?simple? and ?hard? arpeggios. The ?3 string? patterns are fairly simple. The ?6/7 string? are MONSTERS! =P


  • USE A METRONOME!!!!!!!

  • The major and minor patterns that u?ll find here, can be moved everywhere on the fretboard.

  • Remember, sweeping requires wrist/finger strenght. Your left hand must be in form. IF U FELL PAIN LEAVE THE EXERCISE, U MIGHT GET TENDINITIS.

  • You?ll only use u?r first finger as a bar, when u see a ?1? followed by another ?1? and maybe followed by another ?1? on the fingering specification.

  • On the higher frets (17th) it could get difficult to place the fingers. All u?ve got to do is move down the pattern 1 or 2 frets. Remember, sweeping on the lower frets is as difficult as doing it on the higher ones.

  • When u fell ready go to the Complete ones, and give it a try.

  • Well?..umm take it easy and enjoy. ( Listen to jason becker?s SERRANA, you can find it on this site ) Jaw dropping song! XD

    Alex's own compostion on sweeping
    [GP4 4kB click here to download]

    Listen how Alex actually did
    [MP3 448kB click here to download]

    Bye guys
    Hope it helped.

    Written by Alex on 2005-10-28 and read 42052 times.

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