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Justin King the Guitar Master 2  JUSTIN KING THE GUITAR MASTER 2

Hi everyone!
I was suprised how many people were interested in the "Awesome guitar strumming shot". Remember, the guy playing a guitar in incredible way? We were looking for any hint of getting the guys name. Andrew contributed to the discussion to that article:

Andrew said on 2005-10-14 03:33:40
Ya, that guy is Justin King. He's pretty much my new god. It sounded like a funked up version of knock on wood, but it could be a completely different song. Look him up for an absolute must see video of him playing a double necked acoustic, and tapping like a madman, the video is on the site of the guy that made the guitar.

I dont know how many of you heard about GoogleVideo BETA, but you can find there lots of interesting movies. I searched for Justin King and another great performance!!!

Justin King Live - Knock On Wood
2 min 10 sec - Aug 7, 2005
(click here)

You can express your feelings below in the discussion...

Hope u like it, Adrew - thanx.
See ya guys!

Written by Rado on 2005-10-25 and read 30519 times.

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