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T Rex - 20th Century Boy
guitar tab from tablatures.tk
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T-Rex   20th Century boy

main riff

  d u d     1/2 1/4 v
E-0-0-0--0-0-2p0-2p0-2-0 let ring-0-0-0------and so on

vibrato the F# bends after the 1/2 0r 1/4 bend, it sounds far better
if you do it like that.



it's basically just that, I don't know if it has a name but for tabs
sake I'll call it the 'A run'. Bolan played 'Get it on' (or Bang a gong
for our American friends) with just one finger, I have tried it on
this and it doesn't make much difference to how it sounds ( and
it makes you look crap)

and it's plain to see...

begins with the A run and on see becomes a B run, as follows

                 (only 2 bars, then the 'E run')

  E5     F5 E5
A-7-7-7--9 -7
E-o-0-0-- --0

Chord sequence

intro- E riff

verse 1

A run

Friends say it's fine,

Friends say it's good,

Everybody says it's just like Robin Hood,

I move like a cat,

talk like a rat,

sting like a bee baby gonna be your man.


A run
And it's plain to see

B run
You were meant for me

E run
I'm your toy, your 20th century boy

E                F   E
  twentieth century boy

E           F   E  
I wanna be your toy

That's about it, as a bit of a tab virgin I
don't know the best ways to write things out, but that is the best
I can do for now, there is a slight solo at the end which begins with
a bend on the 14th fret 3rd string and moves down (or is it up)
to the 15th fret 2nd string and then to the 1st srting.

thats about it, don't send any mail saying the bend in the riff is
on the 3rd fret because I have footage of Marc playing the song
and it is definatly a 2nd fret bend, what ever countless tab I have
read says. Whatever...

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