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Garland Judy - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
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this is my first entry, it is my personal acoustic version. thanks to ruthie for getting the lyrics from the movie.

C         Em           C   F   Fmaj7  C     Cmaj7
Somewhere over the rainbow   way up    high

F         Fm   C      Cmaj7  Csus  Dm        G7     C  Fmaj7  G6
there's a land that i heard  of    once in a lulla--by

C         Em            C  F      Fmaj7  C    Cmaj7
Somewhere over thew rainbow skies are     blue

F       Fm    C          Cmaj7  Cusus  Dm           G7      C
and the dreams  that you dare   to     dream really do come true

C                                  Csus                            C6
Some day i'll wish upon a star and wake where the clouds are far behind me

C                                     B7                              G
Where troubles melt like lemon drops away upon the chimney tops thats where

Bm7    Dm*  G7
you'll find me

C         Em           C   F      Fmaj7  C   Cmaj7
Somewhere over the rainbow   blue birds  fly

F     Fm  C         Cmaj7 Csus Dm             G7        C
Birds fly  over the rain--bow     why then oh why can't I

{{{pause with birds chirping}}}

C                                Csus             Dm     Famj7 Fmaj7(b5)  C
If happy little blue birds fly beyond the rainbow why oh why    can't     I

  B7     Bm7     C     C6    Csus   Cmaj7   Dm    Dm*     Em     F      Fm
224242 797777 332010 x32210 x33011 332000 xx0231 557765 022000 133211 133111

Fmaj7  Fmaj7(b5)    G7     G6        G6
x33210  033200     353433 055450 or 320000

from gary M. walters, ewalters@iquest.net
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