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Calobo - How Bout You
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Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 16:28:36 -0800 (PST)
From: "M. Schweisthal"
Subject: CRD: "How 'Bout You?" by Calobo

"How 'Bout You?" from the Calobo album "Runnin' in the River"
Brought to you by:  Mike Schweisthal (mschweis@u.washington.edu)

Notes:  Again, my dad figured this one out.  Again, the lyrics are the
best that I could figure out.  Again, a '|' denotes a measure break.

Chords Used:

Bm: X24432
F#m: 244222
G: 320003
A: X02220
D: XX0232

Intro:  | Bm | Bm | F#m | F#m | G | G | A | A |  (2 times)

D     A
Rain is falling down, now, sun won't ever shine
I have walked for miles only to find
D     A
Find out you can't seem me just because I'm blind
Blind to the love, the love that's on my mind

G D   A
CHORUS:  And I don't think it takes that long
    G     D    A
To find out what's going wrong
And I don't think it takes that long
   D     A D    A
How 'bout you? How 'bout, how 'bout you?
D   A
How 'bout, how 'bout you?
D   A
How 'bout, how 'bout you?

D     A
Sailing 'cross the ocean, sailing for today
Winds are blowin' strong now, carry me away
D    A
Away from the place, the place I used to be
Where love once had found me, found me easily


INSTRUMENTAL:  | Bm | Bm | F#m | F#m |
       | G  | G  | A   | A   |  (2 times)

Used to be so easy, driving down the road
    D A
If someone spins your wheel, it meant losing control
      D A
But where it would take me, I don't gotta go
'Cause everything around me is guided by my soul


| Bm | Bm |      | F#m | F#m | | G | G |
I. . . . .I wish I had. . . . .a way to let you know. . . . .
| A | A |
To know how I feel

INSTRUMENTAL:  | Bm | Bm | F#m | F#m | G | G | A | A |


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