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Hello, I am guitarjock.  I have been playing the guitar since 1984 when Van Halen put out an album under the same name.  As a kid growing up in the 70s and 80s, I hadn't really gotten into real rock & roll much before that point.  Sure, I had been listining to Kiss since the late 70s, but that was the main rock band that I listened to up to that point.  When I heard the album "1984", I fell in love with Eddie Van Halen's guitar style and found myself wanting to listen to guitar driven rock bands.  When "1984" came out, I would sit around trying to pick out Van Halen songs by ear.  The first Van Halen song that I ever learned to play was "Panama".  After attempting to pick out several songs on "1984", I found older Van Halen albums, and picked out the cover song "You're No Good".  I then got into all kinds of rock bands that were laying down heavy distorted guitars.  I found bands like Ratt and Dokken.  What guitar player could ever forget the great guitar playing of Dokken's George Lynch?  Eventually I opened up my ears and began listening to great classic rock bands like Led Zepplin and Boston.  There's some dang good rock right there!  And who growing up during the 70s and 80s was not mesmerized by the great band Black Sabbath?  That was the beginning of my decent into the depths of the guitar and music writing.  It wasn't long before I joined a garageband and playing little high school gigs and parties.  I owe alot of good times to the fact that I found a guitar and started my own little dream of becomming a great guitar player.

Well, here I am some 25 years later still plaing that dang 6 sting!  Like anyone who really likes to play, I can't get enough of it.  Almost made it big in couple of bands along the way, but you know how it goes.....Life happnes to you.  You get a job and do what everyone else in the world does...start living for the weekends.  I haven't been in a band since the late 90s, at least not one that did any performances.  So what is a guitar player to do?  Well, I have decided to record music on my own...and when I'm not working on my own songs I like to share some of the things I have learned in the last 25 years of axe slinging.  So, here you will find some tabs that I have worked on, and from time to time I may write some lessons and articles about playing the guitar and writing and recording music.  If anything, it should be interesting, and you just may learn something from it.

I hope you find the tabs I work on useful.  I will often take tabs that others have worked on and fix them up, sometimes making them sound better by fixing the solos, keys and drums; sometimes fixing them to make them technically correct; sometimes by changing them to make them easire to play.  You just never know until you check hem out!

Thanks for stopping by,

guitarjock (Eric)