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I use Guitar Pro 6 for all my tablature although some earlier pieces were prepared in GP5 and therefore suffer audibly.  I will get round to converting them eventually...

I'm no great guitarist but, from time to time, I do enjoy working out the tablature of tunes that catch my attention.  Sadly, they are few and far between these days.

The music of Donovan has been my main focus over my many years of guitar playing but unfortunately even his recent tunes are failing to grab me.  In this respect I am lucky to have been able to correspond with another guitarist - much more accomplished than myself - who has the patience to go over my tablature and offer suggestions as to how they might be improved.  We don't always agree, we don't always seem to hear the same thing, but although I don't always admit it he's nearly always right.  Having said that, I take full responsibility for any inaccuracies in the music.

Any tablatures I offer are prepared to the best of my ability, and I hope others will enjoy playing them and - dare I suggest it? - will improve on them over time!  Any relevant notes are usually to be found under the 'Score Information' in Guitar Pro [File] > [Score information] while any lyric not included in the tablature directly can be found in the lyrics panel.

It is a surprisingly difficult thing to sit down and work out how someone is playing a particular piece when all you have is a CD of the music.  Having said that, sometimes the tablature is amazingly obvious; most of the time it varies from difficult to almost impossible.  My aim is usually to get as close to the original recording as possible.  The artists would tell you that they play these same pieces a different way each time, so why bother?  I take the point of view that you have to aim for something so that you know when to stop.  You can spend a lifetime twiddling with music if there is no end point in sight.

I hope you enjoy my tablature.  Let me know either way.

John Skillcorn